Legacies of Communism?

Post‐Communist Europe from Stagnation to Reform, between Autocracy and Revolution

Interdisciplinary research network
funded by a SAW-grant of the Leibniz Association
Coordination: Jan Claas Behrends, Juliane Fürst and Corinna Kuhr-Korolev

The interdisciplinary research network „Legacies of Communism“ with partners in six countries will be hosted by the ZZF in Potsdam. It will focus on historical research of the political and social development of Eastern Europe and the former USSR from late socialism to post-communism. The project will explore changes and continuities of political and social elites in post-communist countries across the 1989/1991 divide. It aims to better understand and interpret the rise of authoritarian rule in post-communist societies.

Projects worked on the interdisciplinary research network at the ZZF: Dr. Corinna Kuhr-Korolev, Kateryna Chernii (PhD project), Maren Francke (PhD project).