Olena Bettlii


Senior Fellow

National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"
Skovorody 2
Ukraine 04070

olena.betlii [at] gmail.com

Work Experience
09.2006 - Present
National university of Kyiv-Mohyla academy, Kyiv, Ukraine - Associate Professor in History
Courses taught: The mental maps of the European space; History of international relations; Theory and practice of history; Urban studies; History of East Central Europe (1989-2007); World War I studies: history and memory; World history, 19th-20th centuries

01.2017 - Present
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine - Research Fellow
Main activities: research on Kyiv history during WWI, organization of international conferences on urban experiences of the Eastern front in 1914-1923; development of an interactive/digital map of Kyiv in 1914-1921

Institute of World Policy, Kyiv, Ukraine - Research Fellow
International affairs monitoring; development and execution of research projects; public commentaries on research topics; events organization
Research topics: Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, and Belarus; regional security policy; communication strategies

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Committee on Corruption and Counteraction - Personal assistant to Member of Parliament Anatoliy Grytsenko
Draft law analysis, monitoring and analysis of political events in Ukraine and abroad, managing contacts with mass media, assisting with campaigns (both
presidential and parliamentary campaigns in 2014)

National university of Kyiv-Mohyla academy, Kyiv, Ukraine - Director of the Center for Polish and European studies Center’s concept and activities development; events organization; editing of publications
Topics included: Polish-Ukrainian dialogue of reconciliation; Identity studies; Past in Present: historical memory and contemporary Europe; French-Ukrainian seminar in social studies; 1989 legacy: from 2009 perspective

Diplomatic academy of Ukraine affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - Lecturer, secretary of the Academic Board
Courses taught: The foreign policy and diplomacy of the European Union Problems of the European Union integration and enlargement processes Education

National university of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - Doctorate in History ( кандидат історичних наук )
Dissertation topic: “The Ukrainian question in the international relations of Central Europe in 1919-1923”

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Master’s Degree in Slavic studies (Serbian and Croatian languages and literatures, Ukrainian language and literature)

National university of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Bachelor’s Degree in history

Selected professional activities, fellowships, awards
04.2017 - Present
New Europe Center, Kyiv
Head of the Supervisory board http://neweurope.org.ua/en/

03.2017 - Present
Member of the Ukrainian-Polish Dialogue Group, initiated by the International Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine) and the Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland)

07.2010 - 02.2013
Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching - Teaching Age of Extremes in the Age of Politics of History, organized by the Open Society Institute, Ukraine Permanent lecturer

ACLS Humanities Program Award for research “The city and its inhabitants, Kyiv in 1914-1918”

“Paths of Remembrance” of Geschichtswerkstatt Europa
“Collective Memories of Pre-Soviet Kyiv and Resettlement in the Emigrated Polish Community”. This collective project was funded by the foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future“.

2007 - 2008
Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Research Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe ( CLIOHRES.net)
Project Participant

IWM Summer School: "European Challenges", Cortona, Italy

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Visiting Researcher, Fulbright Faculty Development Program
Research project: “Creation of Historical Regions of Europe: Central European Discourse”

European college of Ukrainian and Polish universities, Lublin, Poland
Research project: “Polish and Czechoslovakian foreign policy towards Ukraine in 1917-1923”

Research Project

International contacts vs nationalization: interconnections between Polish and Ukrainian Intellectual Elites and development of interstate relations from the 1980s to today

The project will elaborate the relationships between Ukrainian and Polish intellectual elites from perestroika until now. It will investigate how communist legacies influenced them as well as the perceptions of the other. Different tracks of formal and informal interconnections will be studied: (a) dealing with the common past; (b) Polish assistance with the reform process in Ukraine; (c) Polish assistance with the euro-integration process; (d) the development of NGO networking and (e) the establishment of new cultural ties.

Through the use of political debates on history politics, the project will elaborate how 20th century legacies have been dealt with officially by politicians with their authoritarian inclinations as well as more informally by intellectual elites and historians. Secondly, it will analyze the transition period and pay attention to the involvement of Polish reformers (e.g. Leszek Balcerowicz) in Ukrainian reforms. Taking into account cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian diplomats et al. on the European arena it will focus on the East European Partnership initiative and its visionaries. The reconstruction of NGOs’ cooperation and the creation of new interstate networks at the grass-roots level will form a significant part of this research.

The purpose of the research is to test the hypothesis that liberal elites can create a dominant discourse of interstate relations in neighboring countries with a tragic common past and biased legacies. The current development of Polish-Ukrainian dialogue demonstrates how difficult it is to overcome contentious points and how easily countries slip back into authoritarian history politics that resemble the communist period.

The project will use interviews with people involved in network establishment (politicians, diplomats, journalists, writers, artists, historians, opinion-makers) , the media, memoirs and archival materials where appropriate, as its main sources in order to analyze the relationship between states on different levels.

Selected Publications

Identity studies
Betlii Olena (2005): Central Europe in search for its identity: from theory to reality / Europa Środkowaw poszukiwaniu tożsamości: od teorii do rzeczywistości, Slovanství ve středoevropském prostoru. Iluze, deziluze a realita, Praha, 36-52. [in Polish]

Betlii Olena (2007): Reinvention of Eastern Europe, Krytyka, N7-8. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2008): Ubi bene ibi patria : Reading the City of Kiev through Polish and Czech “Spatial Stories” from the First World War Period, Frontiers and Identities:Cities in Regions and Nations. Pisa: Pisa university press, 197-221. - http://www.historians.in.ua/index.php/en/doslidzhennya/167-olena-betlii-...

Betlii Olena (2009): Regional Identity as an Indicator of the Integration Process: the Case of Ukraine, Геополітичні трансформації в Євразії: погляди з Києва і Сеула [Geopolitical Transformations in Euraisa: Views From Kyiv and Seoul] / за ред. Г.М. Перепелиці та Посла Хо Сун Чьола, К.: Видавничий дім ДЕМІД, Дипломатична академія України, 32-65. [in both English and Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena, Dysa Kateryna (2009): Introduction: all about identity, М іжкультурний діалог. Ідентичність / за ред. Олени Бетлій і Катерини Диси / Intercultural dialogue: Identity / ed. by Olena Betlii and Kateryna Dysa . К.: «Дух і літера», Центр польських та європейських студій НаУКМА, 11-56. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2012): When historians encounter space, or whether synchronized history is possible, У ГО / Ukrainian humanitarian review, 16-17, 132-151. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2017): The Shaping of Polish Identity in the “Dziennik Kijowski” in 1914-1916, Sprawy Narodowościowe/Nationalities Affairs , NO 49, DOI: https://doi.org/10.11649/sn.1154. [in Polish]

Betlii Olena (2017): Kyiv - the city with problematic identities, Город империи в годы войн и революций, 1914-1921 / Под редакцией А. Миллера и Д. Черного. / Empire’s city during the war and revolution 1914-1921 / ed. by A. Miller and D. Cherny, Спб.: Нестор, 272-317. [in Russian]

Betlij Olena (2017): About (neo)orientalism, Europe and not without irony / O (nie)orientalizmie, Europie i nie bez ironii, Nowa Europa Wschodnia . N5. [in Polish]

Betlii Olena (2017): Analysis of Communication Strategies for Ukraine on the Association Agreement and DCFTA, Communicating Europe in a New Regional Security Environment. Case studies / Foreign Policy Association of Moldova, Chisinau, 6-15. [in English] - https://cens.ceu.edu/sites/cens.ceu.edu/files/attachment/project/576/com...

Regional studies
Betlii Olena (2011): Freedom in Eastern Europe, New Eastern Europe - http://neweasterneurope.eu/old_site/articles-and-commentary/22-freedom-i...

Betlij Olena (2016): I am not a Polonofhile / Nie jestem polonofilką, Nowa Europa Wschodnia , N 5, 72-85. [in Polish]

Betlii Olena (2016): Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Lithuania, Kyiv: IWP, 58 p. - http://neweurope.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Audyt-zovnishnoyi-pol...

Betlii Olena (2016): Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine - Moldova. Kyiv: IWP, 62 p. - http://neweurope.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Audyt-zovnishnoyi-pol...

Betlii Olena (2016): Regional security, In: Security in Transition. How to Counter Aggression with Limited Resources, Kyiv, IWP, 74-93 [in Ukrainian] - http://neweurope.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Bezpeka-perehidnogope...

Betlii Olena (2017): Budapest’s challenge, Krytyka, N 07. [in Ukrainian] - https://krytyka.com/ua/articles/budapeshtskyy-vyklyk

Urban studies
Betlii Olena (2016): The Possibility for an ‘Urban Turn’ in Ukrainian Historiography, or What Can We Learn from the Western Historiography of World War I and the History of Kyiv, Історія, пам’ять, політика: Збірник наукових праць / History, memory, politics, Київ: Ін-т історії НАН, 53-72. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena, Dysa Kateryna, Martyniuk Olha (2016): Living in the modern city. Introduction, Живучи в модерному місті: Київ кінця ХІХ - середини ХХ століть / упор. О. Бетлій, К. Диса, О. Мартинюк. / Living in the modern city: Kyiv of the late 19th-mid 20th century , Київ.: Дух і Літера, 5-17 (у співавторстві) (co-authored). [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2016): WWI and Ukraine: uncrossed paths of history and memory, Україна модерна/ Ukraina moderna , №23/2016, 15-22. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2016): The refugee crisis in Kyiv in the Summer of 1915, Наукові записки НаУКМА. Історичні науки / Scientific papers NaUKMA: History, 182, 56-61. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2017): Culture of denunciation and invention of an “internal enemy” in Kyiv during WW I, Наукові записки НаУКМА. Історичні науки / Scientific papers NaUKMA: History, 194, 65-72 [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena (2018): Urban history: defining a research approach, Вісник ХНУ імені ВН Каразіна. Серія «Історія України. Українознавство: історичні та філософські науки», 26, 9-17. [in Ukrainian] - https://periodicals.karazin.ua/uahistory/article/view/10698/10796

Betlii Olena (2018): Left to the mercy of fate: soldiers’ wives at the beginning of WWI in Kyiv, Наукові записки НаУКМА. Історичні науки / Scientific papers NaUKMA: History, 195, 56-66 [in Ukrainian] - http://nrph.ukma.edu.u /article/view/152046/151111

Betlii Olena (2018): Bolshevik terror in Kyiv in January-February of 1918: the victims and memory, Краєзнавство , N 3, 178-195.

Betlii Olena (2019): Revolution Through the Lens of Ordinary Life in Kyiv, Slavic Review.

Betlii Olena, Dysa Kateryna (eds.) (2009): Intercultural dialogue: Identity, Київ: «Дух і літера», Центр польських та європейських студій НаУКМА, 463 p. [in Ukrainian]

Betlii Olena, Dysa Kateryna, Martyniuk Olha (eds.) (2016), Living in the modern city: Kyiv in the late 19th-mid 20th century, Київ: Дух і Літера, 328 p. [in Ukrainian]